Darklands 4.0



Hours of Operation / Öffnungzeiten:
Mo – Sa  12:00 – 19:00

Closed on May 5th
(Christi Himmelfahrt, official holiday)


Address / Addresse:
Heidestraße 46 – 52
Gebäude 7
10557, Berlin


Find directions here.
Die Wegbeschreibung findet man hier.


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For product-related inquiries please email: staff{at}darklandsberlin{dot}com


For urgent requests, please email: campbell{at}darklandsberlin{dot}com


For press-related inquiries, please email: mail{at}darklandsberlin{dot}com


Would you like to work at Darklands? Please email your resume and cover letter to: campbell{at}darklandsberlin{dot}com


Do you represent a brand or designer? Please email: buyer{at}darklandsberlin{dot}com

*Due to the high volume of emails addressed to our buyer, only brands that we have an interest in can be responded to.


Darklands is not reachable by telephone. E-mail only.





This site does not have a “shopping cart”.


In order to preserve the experience of human interaction, please email us at: campbell@darklandsberlin.com with the item descriptions that you are interested in. Please include your height, weight, waist measurement and/or usual European size, and we will get back to you promptly.


Answer times vary from mere minutes during business hours, to a maximum of 8 hours at night.


For more information on the buying process and other policies, please read our FAQ.