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Mirage Bistrot
Reinickendorfer Str. 110, 13347 Berlin

It makes sense: A French bistrot in the former French sector of Berlin. Their daily selection of soups and lunch are a welcome addition to the fast food establishments in and around Nettelbeckplatz.


Gerichtstraße 35, Seiteneingang, 13347 Berlin

Located in the Silent Green Quartier (a former Crematorium, now a popular venue), Mars is a quaint yet modern cafe with a view onto a 19th century graveyard.


Café Dujardin
Uferstraße 12, 13357 Berlin

A classic Berlin cafe serving comfort food in a cozy, “living room-style” environment. This cobblestone street with large trees and birdsong make the sidewalk tables idyllic in the summertime. There is live jazz most Thursday evenings.


Cafe Pförtner
Uferstraße 8-11, 13357 Berlin

Der Pförtner is a quirky Italian café in the midst of Uferstudios, and therefore a favourite among Berlin’s dance community. Their daily menu includes delicious fresh homemade pasta. The cafe features a vintage schoolbus turned into a dining room.


Liebenwalderstr. 11, 13347 Berlin

Lovingly made pizzas with good, fresh ingredients… need we say more?


Gerichtstraße 54, 13347 Berlin

The young team behind Ernst has really made a splash in Berlin’s fine dining scene; it is not uncommon to wait 8+ weeks for a reservation at this 12-seat restaurant. Their food is the epitome of minimalism: 2-3 ingredients per plate in a succession of over 30 courses focusing on simply the best of seasonal and local ingredients.


The Forsberg
Gerichtstraße 26, 13347 Berlin

The Forsberg is Berlin’s best kept secret when it comes to an excellent cocktail. The space is a dark, candlelit souterrain on Gerichtstraße and the music ranges from jazz to crooners to Tom Waits.


Lindower Str. 18, 13347 Berlin

A cross between a showroom apartment and a shop, aptm blurs the line between installation art and retail. It is open by appointment only and available to be rented for private events.


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