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Located between Schöneberg and Tiergarten (a few hundred metres away from Potsdamer Platz), this historical neighbourhood was once the epicenter of the Berlin art scene. After decades of oblivion from its own glamorous history, it is once again the home of the Avant-Garde, with some of Berlin’s best contemporary art galleries, cafes and shops coexisting with long-settled businesses and residents.

Here is a selection of the Darklands’ team favourite places nearby.
Last updated: 07.09.2019


Joseph Roth Diele – Potsdamer Straße 75
A wood-paneled restaurant named after a Jewish Austrian writer, who used to live next door.
2-minute walk

Café Tietz & Cie – Potsdamer Straße 77
A small, friendly place for a quick coffee and a pastry.
>1-minute walk

Zimt und Zucker – Potsdamer Straße 103
A large cafe in a beautiful old space with mismatched vintage furniture and rotating exhibitions.
4-minute walk

Victoria bar – Potsdamer Straße 102
One of Berlin’s oldest and best cocktail bars, decorated with contemporary art.
3-minute walk

Kumpelnest 3000 – Lützowstraße 23
A well-worn bar with a small dancefloor and lots of personality.
3-minute walk

Einstein Villa –


Galerie Judin, Blain|Southern and Esther Schipper – Potsdamer Straße 81
3 of the best Contemporary art galleries in Berlin.
>1-minute walk
Wintergarten Varieté – Potsdamer Straße 96
Cabaret-style theatre.
2-minute walk
Neue Nationalgalerie – Potsdamer Straße 50  (Closed for renovation)
8-minute walk
Germany’s national 20th-century art collection, housed in a purpose-built Mies van der Rohe building.
Kulturforum – Matthäikirchplatz
A large-scale cultural complex which includes the Arts & Crafts Museum, National Painting Gallery, Art History Library, Print Cabinet, and more.
12-minute walk

Berliner Philharmonie – Herbert-von-Karajan-Straße 1
One of Berlin’s most famous classical concert venues, and home of the famous Berlin Philharmonic.
15-minute walk
Arsenal Institute for Film and Video Art – Potsdamer Straße 2
Independent film institute and Art-house cinema. Also, one of the main venues during Berlinale.
15-minute walk


Andreas Murkudis – Potsdamer Straße 81
High-end menswear, womenswear, and home accessories.
1-minute walk