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Directions / Wegbeschreibung

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Darklands is a destination shop in which everyone is welcome.

However, please bear in mind that we are a private space and our focus is on our clients, who enjoy and deserve our undivided attention often for hours on end.

If shopping is not your main reason for coming by please keep your visit brief. We are always occupied by clients (either in-store and/or online) and projects.

Our selection is surprisingly large, therefore if you are serious about shopping, you should allow for a 2-hour visit.

When visiting our new home, please understand that this is not a conventional ‘shop’ and therefore not in a typical storefront location. For your convenience, we strongly advise visitors to read the clear directions provided below.

Also, please show respect for our strict rules: absolutely no photos in the space or building and no talking on phones within the space. If you must take a call, please step out into the beautiful stairwell of the building to do so.

We encourage clients intending to shop, to email and book an appointment in advance. Although this is not necessary, it allows us to prepare for you and assign you a sales associate.

This can prove very advantageous, especially if you have limited time during your visit.


The new Darklands 5.0 is located across the street from S-Bahn Wedding. Ring the “Darklands” doorbell at Lindower Str. 22 (the large metal gate) for access to the courtyard.

Despite the construction all around us, we are open for regular business hours.
Walk into the courtyard, turn right, then left and walk straight ahead past the long wooden bench until you reach the entrance at the corner of the building. Darklands is on the second floor; there is a minimalist staircase or an industrial elevator  you can use to reach us.

Hours of operation are 12:00 – 19:00, Monday to Saturday. The shop closes promptly at 19:00.

Our new location can be easily reached by public transit.  S+U Bahn Wedding is served by the metro line U6 (e. g. from Friedrichstrasse), Ringbahn (Circle Line) S41 and S42, and buses: M27, 247 and 120.

By Car: Parking is available inside our courtyard, however you must open and close the gate by yourself.


See Darklands on Google Maps here.